The Good Samaritan, Harold Kee Welch, 1970
"The Good Samaritan" red elm relief wood carving was commissioned by the Methodist Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois in 1970. The carving is still nicely displayed today outside the chapel. The whole Fulton County community pitched-in to help the artist retrieve the largest red elm log which settled in the deepest ravine on the property of Milt and Rosie Orweg of Smithfield, Illinois. Neighbors and friends brought their farm equipment, heavy trucks and chairs to help pull the log up the hill. The log was cut at Duncan Mills by Diane Starnes before being brought to the old post office building in Smithfield, where the artist set up a temporary workshop for this commission.
Series: Murals
Medium: Wood Relief
Current Location: Peoria, Illinois
Owner: Methodist Medical Center
Framed: Yes
Dimensions: 10' 8" x 5'